Our Services

Our Services at Aerial Drone Worx

Aerial Cinematography.

From action cams, through SLRs etc., whatever your project, our skilled team will be there to help your ideas fly. Your audience will be blown away, your clients will revere you, your competition will envy.

Aerial Stills.

High Resolution Still Images done right. We combine our equipment and talents to help you get the shot you needed. Documentaries, Marketing, Sports, Real Estate, Aerial Inspections, Agriculture.

Hand Held.

Stabilised Gimbals have truly revolutionised filming. We offer a unique ability to quickly move the gimbal from UAV to handheld, no down-time, no hassle, all angles covered.

Aerial Stock Footage.

Looking to enhance your project with great aerial footage? We help acquire aerial footage to client’s specifications, simply tell us your idea, and allow us turn it into reality. Impressive B-roll shots have never been this easy to get.

Inspections & Surveys.

UAVs are a fantastic tool that make any structural inspection a breeze. We can do what full-size aircraft or climbers can’t, at lower cost and with less safety concerns. Cell Towers, Solar Panels, Land, Construction Progress, Environmental Projects, Architectural planing, we give “aerial inspection” a whole new meaning.

Real Estate Marketing.

Help your listings stand out and capture more prospective clients. Showcase not only the property, but more importantly the location in one of the most impactful ways available today.